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Info & Services

Dear ladies,

Let me introduce you to my work.

As a fashion designer who enjoys a creative work, I can assure you that all the pieces coming from my studio are originals, custom designed for you according to your lifestyle  and personality, with a respect for your own taste. Only the finest fabrics and linings are used for my designs because I believe that the right selection at the very beginning of the creative process makes a huge difference at the end. After choosing the right fabrics, I take time to develop a pattern that will fit properly and will emphasize the figure. We all are unique and the key is to find the right style for the particular body shape. What looks great on one person doesn't have to fit the other. The mastery and the beauty of my work as a designer is also finding the right proportion for the garment that will flatter your figure!

A lot of hand finishing is involved in the process of creating the new outfit.  Nothing is created for a stock, and the pieces are designed for you to express your personality through the clothes. I hope you will have fun with fashion, because fashion is a better side of life and it's supposed to bring us only the best feelings about ourselves.

My clients include: government officials, diplomats (Canadian and international), lawyers, companies (Banao Ltd, Velvetbox Ltd.), theatres, dance studios.


The services that I provide out of my studio include:

Fashion design for individual clients (women and children) - by appointment
Fashion design on demand for companies - can be worked out on-line
Fashion styling
Color advisory
Fashion consulting
Education - classes for students who want to know what's behind of the glam of being a fashion designer (max 3 students at a time)


For an appointment call 613-254-5582 or 613-293-5967 or email me using the Contact in the main menu.